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Soap Spotlight – Salem House Signature Soap

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I thought I would do a soap highlight maybe once a month or so to talk about the benefits of that particular soap and why I made it in the first place. So first up is the Salem House Signature Soap; let's talk about why I decided to give this soap the company name.

Picture of Stacey, the soap artist and owner of Salem House Provisions.

It is not the most intricate design that I do. As a matter a fact, it looks plainer in appearance than the others. But this is one of my favorite soaps for a couple of reasons. I love the fragrance that I used. It is a rosehip and jasmine blend with a sophisticated floral scent that does not overpower. It is a fragrance that I never get tired of as many times as I smell it. Truly one of my favorites! This soap also contains one of my favorite ingredients, mango butter, which I will do an entire article on in the very near future. But suffice it to say, this ingredient is the "BOMB"! More importantly, are the colorants that I chose to use in this bar.

A picture of  Salem House Signature Soap.

I used rose clay to give it that gorgeous rose color. Rose clay has amazing benefits for every skin type, including extra sensitive and dry. It can tone and tighten the skin, making it feel firmer and more supple. It is also a natural deep cleanser and blemish preventer. Most importantly, rose clay helps with moisture retention leaving the skin soft and naturally moisturized. I also included activated charcoal in this bar. Activated charcoal removes dirt and impurities, absorbs toxins, has anti-bacterial properties, tightens pores, smooths skin, reduces inflammation, decongests, and brightens skin! These two ingredients get the job done when it comes to skincare. I love the simple look of the bar, but the benefits this bar brings to the table in skincare are outstanding. I loved this soap so much that I gave it the company name, Salem House Signature Soap! It is safe to say this one will be around for a while!

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