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All About the Home

We believe everyone has a little designer or artist in them and for many people, their home is their canvas. The home is an extension of yourself that reveals your personality. So, go ahead and express yourself and let Salem House Provisions help you paint the perfect picture.


Our First Soap Party

We had our first soap party hosted by Sharon Richardson. Stacey demonstrated making hand-made cold process soap, during which the ladies learned about soap making and had a great time of fellowship. We really enjoyed the time we spent with them and hoped they had as much fun as we did. Thanks to all who attended.

This Is Us

We are a family-owned and operated home provision and soap-making company located in Advance, NC. We make our soaps in small batches using high-quality ingredients. Our home products are hand-made one at a time in a  24 by 24 workshop. 

We take great pride in the products we make and make all efforts to use raw materials that are acquired using safe labor practices and with the least environmental impact.

The true test of our products is we use them ourselves.


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