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In Search of the Goat

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I have wanted to try and make a goat milk soap for quite a while now but have been hesitant. One reason is that working with milk in a cold process soap is a little tricky; it is easy to scorch the milk, and you end up with a stinky mess, and I hate to mess up and waste a loaf of soap. So after procrastinating and finally running out of reasons not to do it, I finally mustered up the courage and decided to go for it. Still, I needed "the goat" first. Seeing as I have never actually bought goat milk before, I researched where I could find this goat's milk. There are numerous places; local farms, chain grocery stores, and even Amazon carry it. I decided on the Shiloh General store, which is less than an hour from my home. It is part of an Amish community in Hamptonville. This community store has so many good products. I found meat, eggs, grains, bread, milk, cheeses, and tons more locally made products, which means fresh. It is worth the trip to stop by and see what they have; I guarantee you will not leave empty-handed. They even have a deli in the back to get a fresh homemade sandwich, so grab a sandwich, meander about the store and enjoy stepping back in time to a simpler way of life. Now that I have found "the goat," of which I am sure of being way better than something I could have found at a chain store or ordered online, I am off to bring my Loaded Goat Soap to life!

A picture of goat milk and Salem House Provisions goat soap.

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